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COVID-19 Update

GHSNZ continues to provide clinical genetics healthcare to individuals and families across NZ during the Level 3 lockdown. Consultations are by telephone or videoconference and correspondence may be delayed. 

Please contact your local hub by email if possible or leave a telephone message. 

Northern hub


0800476123 or 09 307 4949 ext 25870


Central hub

Tollfree 0508 364 436 (press 1 for Wellington)

(04) 385 5310


South Island hub

03 378 6574


Welcome to Genetic Health Service NZ (Northern Hub). We provide expert genetic diagnostics and genetic counselling services, providing assistance, advice and education in managing genetic conditions. Our services are publicly funded for NZ residents as we are part of New Zealand’s public health system. This service covers the upper half of the North Island. It is based in Auckland and provides outreach clinics in Whangārei, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, and Gisborne. Our team includes Clinical Geneticists and Genetic Counsellors.

We provide the following services:

  • Diagnostic assessment of genetic disorders and information about genetic diagnoses
  • Diagnostic, pre-conception, prenatal or pre-symptomatic tests for genetic conditions
  • Assistance in the clinical management of genetic diseases and identification of preventable complications by early and accurate diagnosis and surveillance
  • Genetic counselling and management advice for the extended family of affected individuals
  • Telephone enquiry service for doctors, midwives and other health professionals concerning genetic diseases
  • Genetics education for professional and lay/community groups

Clinic Locations

Our principal locations are:

  • Greenlane Clinical Centre
  • Starship Children's Hospital

We also have limited clinics in:

  • Manukau SuperClinic
  • Waikato Hospital
  • Tauranga Hospital
  • Whangārei Hospital
  • Rotorua Hospital

Please note
The NTS (National Travel Scheme) can help patients gain better and timely access to these clinic locations mentioned above. 


Our staff consist of the following professionals:

Clinical Geneticists/Consultants: are medical doctors with specialist training in medical genetics. Patients are likely to see them before a diagnosis has been made. Below are the names of consultants working with Genetic Services, Northern Hub.

  • Dr Ian Hayes (Clinical Director)
  • Dr Juliet Taylor
  • Dr Patrick Yap
  • Dr Raoul Heller
  • Dr Candice Feben

Genetic Counsellors: are healthcare professionals with training in human genetics and counselling. Genetic Counsellors are certified through the Human Genetics Society of Australasia. Patients are likely to see them about a known condition. Below are names of genetic counsellors working with Genetic Services, Northern Hub.

  • Kim Gamet, Senior Genetic Counsellor (Team Leader)
  • Jenny Eaton, Senior Genetic Counsellor
  • Cindy Zaitsoff, Senior Genetic Counsellor
  • Kelly Sullivan, Genetic Counsellor
  • Harry Fraser, Genetic Counsellor
  • Romy Kerr, Genetic Counsellor
  • Harriet Jones,  Genetic Counsellor
  • Suretha Erasmus, Associate Genetic Counsellor
  • Hayley Green, Associate Genetic Counsellor

Intake assistant:

  • Kirsten Craddock
  • Jess Fitch

Referral Expectations

We accept referrals from general practitioners, hospital specialists and self-referrals from members of families known to the service. Referrals can be made through email, fax or e-referrals. Our preference is for e-referrals.

Referrals will be given an urgent, semi-urgent or standard waiting list allocation and should be seen in the next available appointment, within 2 weeks, 2 months, and 4 months respectively. Phone advice is available if a clinician wants to discuss a case before considering making a referral to the service.

We have an on call Genetic Counsellor and Clinical Geneticist during the working week to answer any urgent or general enquiries and referrals.

Please note that we have strict criteria regarding referrals from GPs and community providers, and referrals with incorrect or missing information will be sent back to the referrer for further follow up or may cause delays in waiting times for the patient.

 Patients are referred to the Genetics Clinics if:

  • a child is born with several abnormalities
  • there is a personal or family history of a genetic condition
  • a family member diagnosed with cancer at a young age
  • personal or family history of cancer consistent with referral guidelines which can be discussed with your GP or specialist.

 Please include the standard referral information as outlined below:

  • Patient Details – full names, correct and current address, a valid contact number, date of birth, eligibility status and an NHI number
  • Clinical Details – the reason for referral, past history and co-morbidities, investigations carried out and their results, current medications and any drug allergies.
  • Family Details - please include all relevant information and medical records, investigations and family cross diagrams (3 generation family tree with gender and conditions specified).
  • Referrer Details – name, address and contact numbers of referrer/general practice.

For those who are at risk of having a cancer syndrome, please include the following in the referral:

  • Names, dates of birth and age at diagnosis of those relatives with cancer, with details of types of cancer diagnosed
  • A consent to release information form (general) - can be downloaded from the bottom of page
  • A Family Health Questionnaire - can be downloaded from the bottom of the page.

Consent to release information forms are given to patients when we require access to another family member’s medical record. If the family member is alive they must sign the consent form themselves. If the family member has passed away their next of kin or a close blood relative may sign the form.

It may be useful to have your patient fill out a family history questionnaire before referral because the family information will inform our triage and genetics assessment. 

Please note that if basic standard or medical information is missing in the referral, it may be returned to the referrer to follow. Please check patient’s address and phone numbers as this is our only mode of contact to them.


All consultations with Genetic Services are provided free of charge for eligible residents. Like all hospitals, we are required to prioritise our service within our budget. However, all approved genetic testing is free of charge. 


Mon – Fri8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Services Provided


  • Genetic counselling

Cancer Types

Brain and Spinal, Head and Neck / Thyroid, Lung, Breast, Upper Gastrointestinal (Oesophagus / Stomach / Liver), Lower Gastrointestinal (Bowel / Rectum / Anus), Kidney, Bladder, Testicular, Prostate, Gynaecological, Leukaemia and Blood, Skin Cancer / Melanoma, Sarcoma, Childhood Cancers, Others

Contact Details

Auckland City Hospital

Central Auckland

Northern and Midland Region

Ph: (09) 307 4949 Ext. 25870
Fax: (09) 307 4978

Email: GenSec@adhb.govt.nz

Toll Free: 0800 476 123

Central Region

Ph: (04) 385 5310
Toll Free: 0508 364 436

Southern Region

Ph: (03) 379 1898
Toll Free: 0508 364 436

2 Park Road
Auckland 1023

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