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The Upper Clutha Hospice Trust Board (UCHT) is a community group formed by a group of Wanaka residents to develop a palliative and respite care facility in the Upper Clutha for the benefit of those suffering from terminal illnesses. The UCHT also provides some support for those with terminal illnesses in the Upper Clutha, who wish to remain in their own homes rather than be admitted to a palliative care facility.

The Trust’s concept is to provide facilities and support for the terminally ill that is not provided by other parties in the Upper Clutha. The Trust works alongside other service providers such as the Otago Community Hospice, the Cancer Society, Aged Care providers etc to augment what is available to Upper Clutha residents.

On September 30, 2016, the UCHT opened its Stina Mooyman Palliative & Respite Care Suite in the Aspiring Enliven Care Centre on Cardrona Valley Road in Wanaka, adjacent to the Wanaka Medical Centre.

In mid 2019, the Trust commenced funding Dunstan Hospital to provide an additional Wanaka based District Nurse specialising in palliative care services for patients with terminal illnesses living in their own homes in the Upper Clutha community.

The Trust also provides annual funding to assist the Otago Community Hospice provide services to patients in the Upper Clutha community.

The UCHT is a registered charity with the Charities Commission number CC49439

The UCHT is an independent Upper Clutha organisation and all funds raised are used to the benefit of the Upper Clutha community. Although it works with the Otago Community Hospice (OCH) to support terminally ill patients in the Upper Clutha, the UCHT is not part of the OCH and is not affiliated with Hospice NZ.


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Admission to the Palliative Care Suite will normally be initiated by a patient’s GP,  by the Wanaka District Nurses or by Otago Community Hospice staff involved with the patient’s care…


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The Stina Mooyman Palliative & Respite Care Suite is owned and supported by the UCHT on behalf of the Upper Clutha Community. It is…



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