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Barrington Eye Care is a locally owned and operated practice which prides itself on providing a personal caring service. We enjoy getting to know our patients as people, and not as numbers.  We have a small team with Rochelle van Eysden as the Optometrist and Lyn Stone and Linda McLean as the main front-line staff members.

This practice has been operating since 1993 and was purchased by Rochelle and renamed Barrington Eye Care in March 2007.  We are part of the Barrington Medical Centre which adds convenience to all your health requirements.

Rochelle is a member of the NZAO and prides herself on her care of patients and prefers to be involved in all aspects of your visit.  This means as well as the eye examination she will assist you in choosing a frame that suits you and the best lens for your needs.  She will also adjust the frame to fit you and dispense the glasses to ensure the optimum result.

Rochelle is also happy to make any frame repairs or adjustments necessary and will also happily help in fitting frames purchased elsewhere if you are having any difficulties.

We welcome new patients and especially enjoy being able to help entire families from grandparents all the way through to young children.  We specialise in caring for patients with cataracts and other eye health problems and can discuss referral options with you.

If you wish to make an insurance claim for broken glasses we are very experienced in dealing with these and will assist you where we can.  We also happily deal with ACC claims for eye injuries, ENABLE Spectacle Subsidy for under 16's and Lyttelton Port Company eye examinations.

Our practice is also contracted to provide eye examinations and glasses to people who have applied for a spectacle grant through WINZ.

We serve all areas but we are located perfectly for patients in Cashmere, St Martins, Ōpāwa, Halswell, Spreydon, Huntsbury, Murray Aynsley, Beckenham, Addington, Westmorland, Hillmorton, Tai Tapu and Akaroa.



Eye Examination  $77
Student / Gold Card / Community Services Card Eye Examination $67
Visual fields $45
Diabetes Screening including retinal photographs  $50
Glaucoma screening  $77
Dilated fundus examination $50
Drivers licence screening  $15


Mon – Wed9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thu9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Fri9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sat9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

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Services Provided

Vision Testing (acuity, refraction errors and field of vision tests)

During an eye test you are assessed for different things. A Snellen chart, which contains rows of letters starting with one huge letter then groups of letters getting progressively smaller,…


Eye Health Examinations

During an eye test optometrists routinely examine the internal and external structures of your eye. The optometrist will look into your eye by shining a light source through your pupil…


Retinal & Fundus Photography

During an eye test optometrists routinely take a photograph of the back of each of your eyes. These images are transferred to a computer and are filed in your electronic…


Glaucoma Screening

Optometrists are able to detect early signs of glaucoma even before you are aware of any symptoms. They are specifically looking for changes when doing the health check part of…


Children’s Vision Testing

It is vital children have their eyes tested early to screen for abnormalities. If there are problems like strabismus, where eyes are misaligned, or amblyopia, commonly called a lazy eye,…


Visual Field Testing

A visual field establishes how good your peripheral vision (PV) is. This is what you see above and below and to the side when you are looking straight ahead. Generally…


Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

Diabetic retinopathy (DR) can be detected by systematic retinal screening. Diabetes retinal screening is funded by the DHB and some optometrists are contracted to provide the service in the community.…


Colour Vision Testing

Colour vision is tested using Ishihara plates, named after Shinobu Ishihara a Japanese ophthalmologist who created a simple test to detect colour blindness in 1918. His test remains the gold…


Eye Injuries

Eye injuries can range from relatively minor, for instance getting dish washing liquid in your eye, to penetrating injuries with a sharp object like scissors leading to blindness. Optometrists deal…


Drivers Licence Testing

This includes testing for visual field as you need to meet a certain standard to be able to drive safely. There is a screening tool and a full test. The…



Frames: there is a baffling range of spectacle frames available in most optical outlets. They are made in many shapes, sizes, colours and materials. They are also made for different…


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16 Athelstan Street
Canterbury 8024

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