MB ChB 2011 Otago

Registration Date

30 November 2012

Vocationally Registered

No (What's this?)

A "Vocationally Registered" doctor has qualifications and experience that allow them to be registered as a specialist in a particular scope of practice e.g. General Practice, Urgent Care. These doctors can work independently in New Zealand.

To learn more about different scopes of practice and types of registration visit the Medical Council of New Zealand website.

Contact Details

Dr Jong Ryu is available at the following service:

This service is available at the following location:

52 Chartwell Avenue, Glenfield, Auckland

Updated and additional notices and information may be available on our Facebook site at

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Please also note that we are now able to take ONLINE BOOKINGS for adult appointments (Children's appointments must be made by phone).  This is available by searching Glenfield Doctors or GDOC on the following link site

ConnectMed Direct Link *

The ConnectMed portal also enables prescription repeat requests and access to laboratory results but needs to be optimised face to face in clinic due to Ministry of Health privacy regulations. Children's appointments cannot be made via ConnectMed


Our own website is intentionally uncomplicated but does have access to ENROLMENT details.  Check us at

Direct Link to GlenfieldDoctors.com *

On Line Glenfield Doctors Enrolment Form (PDF) *


Semi Automated DIY Registration via ScreEnrol

There is also the option of a direct enrolment via your Smartphone (requires an on-screen signature and a Visa/Passport image)

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Some very useful links are also available from the following site


Note that verification will be required in clinic. This will also include eligibility documentation


The fees for valid community card holders are significantly cheaper than for non-cardholders

You can access a direct link to the Ministry of Health CSC forms as follows

Community Card Applications Forms (PDF) *