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Enrolling new patients


This practice is enrolling new patients.

You can now fill out our new online electronic enrolment form and it will be automatically sent to our receptionist for processing within 24 hours.  

OR you can simply come in and pick up an enrolment form, fill it out and hand it  to us when you come to the clinic for your first appointment. 

We will need you to bring your original formal identification even if it was uploaded online e.g. your passport and/or a Visa if you are not a NZ citizen. There is no cost to enrol. Once you enrol, the Government funds a part of the cost of seeing us thus allowing us to charge you lower fees every time you come in. However the first visit will always incur a higher fee (see our First Enrolee Fees).

The information collected when you enrol is protected by the Privacy Act 1993 and the Health Information Privacy Code 1994.

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