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Green Bay Medical Centre

General Practice (GP) Service


8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

Covid-19 testing

GP practice - enrolled patients only

This practice provides COVID-19 testing to enrolled patients. Please call the practice for more information.


We are a family focused centre offering a full range of general practice services to you and your family.

Consultations are by appointment, our standard consultation time is 10 minutes.


Our team is made up of 7 GPs (see details below under “Doctors”) and:

Practice Manager: Dianne Gamble

Nurse Practitioner: Carole Roscoe
Nursing Staff: Tracy, Effie,Kylie , and Clydell.
Receptionists/Admin: Kylie, Sophia, Donna, Mandy, Kimberley, Andrea, Lisita, Nicole & Liz


Enrolling new patients


This practice is not currently enrolling new patients.

Although our books are officially closed to new patients, we regularly have room for family members and sometimes for Green Bay residents to join the Practice as patients move out of the area.

Although it is not generally possible to choose your new GP, if there is a family connection please advise us via the 'Special circumstances' section on the application form.


Enrolled Fees

Under 14 yearsFree routine consultations
14-17 years$13.00
18-24 years$19.50
25-44 years$19.50
45-64 years$19.50
65+ years$19.50

Consultation Charges (for a Standard 10 minute medical consultation)

Patients Enrolled with the Practice
Children 13 years and under: No charge for routine GP or Nurse consultations.
Teens 14 - 17 years: $13.00
Adults aged 18 years and older: $19.50

Home Visits (if available): $40

NZ Citizens not enrolled with the Practice
Children under 6 years: No charge at present
Children 6 - 17 years: $40
Adults aged 18 years and older: $60

Non-NZ citizens (those not entitled to NZ Health benefits) All ages; $75

Community Service Card Holders
Patients not enrolled with the Practice:
Children under 6 years: No charge at present
Children 6 - 17 years: $35
Adults aged 18 years and older: $45

Prescription Charges
Enrolled patients
Children 13 years and under: No charge
Teens 14 to 17 years: $7
Adults: $15
Faxed prescription: $6 extra within Auckland City (or $12 outside the Auckland Toll-free area)

Visitors and non-enrolled patients
Children 0 to 17 years: $10
Adults (18 years & over): $20
Faxed prescription: plus $6 within Auckland City (or $12 outside the Auckland Toll-free area)

Fees for ACCIDENT CONSULTATIONSACC Surcharge - those patients without a Community Services Card Teens 14 - 17 $20 and Adults $25

Extra charges (on top of consultation fee):
Letters (Referral, Insurance etc): $12
Cervical Smears: $7
ECG s: $30

Travel medicine consultations: $60 (plus any recommended vaccinations)

Dressings (each): $7 - $18 (plus materials according to cost)

We require that you pay your account at the time of the consultation.

Please note that additional charges will apply if payment is not received on the day of consultation:

  • $5 deferred fee - this is a non-recoverable administration charge;
  • $15 account processing fee: The fee covers the administration of our debtors ledger and will be added to your outstanding account.

Outstanding debts are placed with a debt collection agency - an additional fee is applied when the request for debt recovery is made.


8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

Mon – Fri 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Hours change over holiday times such as Christmas/New Year and the Thursday before Easter.


The following doctors are generally available at these times:
Monday:  Doctors: Borthwick, Kaye, Larsson Hogman, Reyneke and Toh 

Tuesday:  Doctors: Borthwick, Blanks, Mitchell & Reyneke 

Wednesday: Doctors: Borthwick, Blanks, Kaye, Larsson Hogman, Dr Reyneke and Toh

Thursday: Doctors: Dr Borthwick, Kaye, Larrson Hogman and Reyneke

Friday:  Doctors: Borthwick, Blanks, Mitchell and Toh, 

Doctors Gina Kaye & Deb Mitchell share the care of their patients.  Doctors Ona Blanks & Therese Larsson Hogman also share care of their patients. 


When the Practice is closed our main phone line (09) 827 4075 is diverted to Homecare Medical and a registered nurse can give advice about care or advise about after hours services. Alternatively, phone Healthline on 0800 611 116 (a Ministry of Health service).  

In an emergency please call 111 - ask for AMBULANCE.


Public Holidays: Closed ANZAC Day (25 Apr), King's Birthday (3 Jun), Matariki (28 Jun), Labour Day (28 Oct), Auckland Anniversary (27 Jan), Waitangi Day (6 Feb), Good Friday (18 Apr), Easter Sunday (20 Apr), Easter Monday (21 Apr).

Preferred urgent care clinic out of hours: White Cross New Lynn - Urgent Care & GP.

Disability Assistance

Wheelchair access

Contact Details

8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

Email: Business: greenbay@xtra.co.nz  Medical: Practice Nurse: nurse@gbmc.co.nz

70 Godley Road
Green Bay
Auckland 0604

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