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Lab Results

Sometimes your doctor needs to take a sample of blood or urine either to discover what is wrong with you or to measure something in your blood so that the right medication is given to you. These tests could be anything from blood sugar to a full blood count or a sample of tissue to test for cancer.

While urine can generally be tested in the surgery, blood and other specimens are usually sent away for testing at a laboratory. Most results come back within 48 hours unless a very rare test is needed which has to go to a specialist lab further away when it might take a little longer.

Test Results

  • If your results indicate some follow-up treatment is required, we will contact you (provided you have supplied the correct contact details)
  • If you do not hear from us, you can assume there is no cause for concern. You may still wish to contact the practice nurse two to three days after your tests.

NB: Results of some tests do take up to two weeks before being reported to us.

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