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Sarai Tepou - Pasifika Independent Registered Midwife

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Click on the following link for more information on Birthcare.

Ideal for low risk pregnancies.

Previous healthy vaginal births.

Nitrous gas and pethidine are the only options for pain relief in Birthcare.

If birthing at Birthcare, FREE single room with ensuite is provided with option of the partner or chosen family to stay in single room (trundler bed) with a charge of $50 per night for the family member. Option to order from the hospital menu but with a charge.  There are local takeaways as another option.

Visiting hours: see their website. Visiting hours for the father of the infant are flexible - anytime usually. 

Full 100% subsidy FREE 3 nights stay in single room if birthed there.

If delivered in Auckland City Hospital, it is 3 nights FREE in a shared room only BUT no partners permitted to stay over.

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