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Opioid Treatment Service

Programme Areas

Addictions - drug & alcohol

Programme Type

Opioid substitution treatment


Wellington, Wairarapa, Hutt

Age Groups

Adult / pakeke

Referral Types

Self referral, GP, DHB clinical services

Referral Process

You can phone us or just pop in to see us and talk confidentially and without an obligation to do anything more. We can also work with other mental health and addiction professionals who may be helping you already.

Health professionals can refer people to our service via Te Haika - 0800 745 477.

Our service is based in Wellington and we provide satellite clinics in Porirua, Kāpiti, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt. The Wairarapa service is provided by Pathways, a community-based provider of mental health and wellbeing services.

You can also be referred through your doctor or another health professional. We prefer clients to be engaged with a GP because substance use disorders often affect people's physical health.


If you have or think you have an opioid dependency we may be able to help you. Opioid treatment is for people who are addicted to opioids such as morphine, poppy seed tea, methadone, heroin, oxycodone and codeine.

If we agree that we are the service best placed to help, and you decide you would like treatment, we will develop a treatment plan with you. We encourage your family to be involved in your treatment planning; if they understand your treatment they will be in a better position to support you.

If we are not the best service for you we will provide you with information about other services that may help you.

Here are some examples of what we provide for clients:

  • Our case managers work collaboratively with clients to develop treatment plans. They provide ongoing assessment of substance use and monitor clients' progress to their treatment goals.
  • Our psychiatrists and medical officers provide assessment and treatment for substance dependence and will prescribe you medication if it is the best option.

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