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Auckland DHB Hāpai Ora Early Intervention Service

Public Service, Mental Health


8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.


We offer an innovative and youth friendly service to tāngata whai i te ora up to age 30 that are experiencing a first episode of psychosis or are at high risk of developing psychosis. We provide services to those living in the Auckland District Health Board geographic area. 

Our Hāpai Ora team will work together to support our young people and their whānau through their journey in moving forward with their lives.

Who Works on the Hāpai Ora Team?
Our team consists of Psychologists, Nurses, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Cultural Advisors and Occupational Therapists. We will assign you a key worker who is your main contact at the service. They will co-ordinate the care you receive.


We offer a number of services including:

  • Individual or within a group education to help you to learn about psychosis
  • Access to a Māori and Pasifika cultural advisor
  • Access to Kaumātua and Kaupapa Māori Services
  • Support to reflect a Pasifika holistic approach to wellbeing and recognise the importance of family/fono in the lives of Pasifika people
  • Talking therapies and home visits
  • Appointment with a Psychiatrist - Our Doctors will complete a holistic assessment with you and your Whānau. When appropriate they will discuss the option of medication with you. They will meet with you regularly to see how you are doing.
  • The opportunity for client and whānau /family to discuss challenges in their lives
  • Help to develop skills that lead to increased independence
  • Working alongside you to help you achieve your goals
  • Support to explore work/training opportunities
  • Help to access community and/or supportive services
  • Workwise clinician to support your goals around employment or study.


What is Psychosis?
The term psychosis refers to a range of unusual experiences that a person may have. Psychosis may affect how that person thinks, feels and experiences the world. These experiences can result in difficulty telling what is real from what is not and can be quite dis­tressing. It can have the potential to disrupt a person’s ability to concentrate and maintain life responsibilities (work, study, relationships). When someone is affected in this way they are said to be experiencing a ‘psychotic episode’.

An episode of psychosis is treatable and recovery is expected

Psychosis often starts in early adulthood and is relatively common: 3 in every 100 people will experience a psychotic episode during their lifetime, and almost anyone can be affected. Onset may be gradual (difficult to detect early on) or may occur more rapidly.

Referral Expectations

Referrals can be made vai -

Or by calling and speaking to the referral management staff (RMS) on (09) 631 0778 or 0800 631 0778.


There is no cost for our service.


8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Mon – Fri8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Need Immediate Help?
For urgent after-hours support please contact 0800 800 717.

If you are having suicidal thoughts, or are worried about someone, there is help available. For more information please visit the Mental Health Foundation - In Crisis?, or in case of emergency call 111.

If you need urgent help outside these hours please ring 0800 800 717

Public Transport

The Remuera train station is a short 5 minute walk away.

There is a main bus route along Great south road with a bus stop virtually at the entrance to Hāpai Ora.


One hour parking (except during morning/evening rush hours, when the lanes become clearways) is available on Great South Road, and there is two hour parking available on some adjacent streets within a few minutes’ walk-although this can sometimes be busy, so please leave some extra time to find a parking before your appointment.

Contact Details

8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

For urgent assistance after hours 7 days a week: 0800 800 717

Hāpai Ora
95 Great South Road
Auckland 1051

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Hāpai Ora
95 Great South Road
Auckland 1051

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