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Community Postvention Response Service (CPRS)

Programme Areas

Mental health

Programme Type

Community based support - mental health


All of New Zealand

Referral Process

CPRS accepts referrals for assessment of suicide contagion and clusters from the public, concerned communities and governmental and non-governmental agencies.

CPRS does not provide direct clinical input with any individuals.

Call: 0800 448 908


The role of the service is to provide support to a community when there is concern about suicide contagion or a suicide cluster (actual or emerging). CPRS team members travel to the area of concern and work with local services to manage risk and contagion.

CPRS uses a community development model and works in partnership with local agencies and leadership, combining CPRS expertise and knowledge with the community’s own expertise and knowledge to guide and advise on the most appropriate response for each unique community of concern.

CPRS operates as an external consultation service that works alongside communities to facilitate a postvention response.

CPRS is funded by the Ministry of Health.

More detailed information about CPRS can be found in the CPRS Information Sheet.

Contact Details

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Contact List

Postal Address

PO Box 12088
Christchurch 8242

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