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Update: Our community told us we need to make some changes. In response, we are improving the way mental health services work with you. We want to assure you we will talk with all service users and their whaanau about how changes might affect their care. If you have any questions please talk to your mental health clinician.

Counties Manukau Health Adult Mental Health provides specialist mental health services for adults living in the Counties Manukau region.

We support people with severe mental health concerns, along with their family/whaanau and community. Our goal is to assist people in finding their own path to recovery.

We serve individuals and families of all cultures living in the Counties Manukau Health area. We work closely with the community and supports involved in their care, ensuring the best support possible for service users and their whaanau.

For information on mental health support for children, young people, and the elderly in Counties Manukau see:

Who Are We?

Counties Manukau Health Adult Mental Health is made up of a variety of teams, all of whom support people with various mental health issues, along with their family/whaanau. Some of our teams provide support for people with ‘acute’ concerns who need immediate help, very occasionally in a hospital or residential facility, while others support people with less severe concerns that still impact on their life.

Our teams include:

  • Community Mental Health Teams – These five teams (Matariki, Manukau, Te Rawhiti, Rapua Te Ao Waiora and Nga Raukohekohe) support people with mental health concerns in the community
  • Rapua Whaioranga – Culturally appropriate support for Taangata Whenua/Maaori
  • Faletoa – Culturally appropriate support for Pacific people and their families
  • Intensive Community Team (ICT) – Provide additional support for people with a number of different challenges
  • Dual Disability Team – Provide support and advice for people with mental health concerns along with an intellectual disability, and their carers
  • Tiaho Mai – Middlemore Hospital inpatient unit, supporting people with mental health problems during a crisis
  • Tamaki Oranga – Residential care for men who need long-term support
  • Home Based Treatment – Supporting people with acute or very severe concerns to be treated at home

For more information on each of these teams please visit their websites.

Who Do We See?

We support adults aged 18-65, living in Counties Manukau, who are experiencing mental health issues that can no longer be managed by supports in their community. We also provide support and advice to family/whaanau, carers, support agencies and the wider community.

How Do We Help?

We offer a range of support and treatments that are tailored to meet individual and family/whaanau needs. Some of our most commonly used supports include:

  • Talking therapy
  • Co-ordination of care with other services
  • Practical assistance with day-to-day needs
  • Cultural support
  • Peer support services
  • Emotional support for caregivers/whaanau
  • Medication
  • Information and advice

Our services may be delivered in a variety of locations, including:

  • Clinics in various locations around Counties Manukau
  • Your home
  • Churches, marae and other places you feel comfortable
  • Hospitals and residential settings.

If English is not your first language we have a number of translation services available, including interpreters and staff who speak more than one language. If you need an interpreter please let us know as soon as possible – we will be able to help.

Want To Talk?

Sometimes it can help to talk to someone who knows what you’re going through. If you would like to talk to someone with lived experience of mental health and or addictions, contact our Peer TALK phoneline on 0800 234 432. This phoneline operates between 5pm and Midnight, seven days a week, and will connect you with a trained peer support worker who will listen to your experience and help you access further help if needed. Note: Peer Talk supports adults over 18. If you are under 18 contact Youthline on 0800 37 66 33.

For urgent after-hours support please contact 0800 775 222, or phone (09) 261 3700 at any time.
If you need immediate help call 111.

Want To Find Out More?

You can find more information about the services we provide by visiting the various mental health team websites.

If you want to find out more about mental health and what it means for New Zealand there are some great websites you can visit, including:

Referral Expectations

General Practitioners: Please complete and submit the eReferral form which can be found on Medtech and My Practice.

Who Can Refer?

We accept referrals from anyone concerned about a person’s behaviour or mental health. These include:

  • Health professionals and GPs
  • NGO providers
  • Community services
  • Police.

To be referred to adult mental health services you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an adult (aged 18-65) experiencing significant problems and emotional distress which cannot be managed within local community resources
  • Live most of the week in the Counties Manukau area
  • Be a New Zealand resident or be eligible for publicly funded healthcare.

Referral Process

All referrals to Adult Mental Health are sent to the Intake and Acute Assessment team. They can be contacted in the following ways:

  • General Practitioners: Please complete and submit the eReferral form which can be found on Medtech and My Practice
  • Other Agencies: Contact Intake and Acute Assessment at (09) 261 3700

After receiving your referral the Intake and Acute Assessment team will talk to you about your mental health concerns and how they can help. With your consent they may also contact other people involved in your care. They may ask to meet with you and your whaanau one or more times (either face-to-face or via telephone) to assess what help you need or give you some initial treatment or support.

Once Intake and Acute Assessment have a good idea of what kind of support you need they will transfer you to the mental health team that best meets your needs. Note: It may take some time after your referral is submitted before you are contacted.

Please contact the Intake and Acute Assessment at (09) 261 3700 to discuss the referral or ask any questions about our service.

For urgent after-hours support please contact 0800 775 222, or phone (09) 261 3700 at any time.
If you need immediate help call 111.

What Happens Next? 

Once you have been referred to a team at Adult Mental Health you will be seen by a staff member who will coordinate your care.  Your coordinator, who may be a nurse, social worker or occupational therapist, will work with you to decide how to best support you and your family/whaanau.  You may also need the support of a doctor, a psychologist or a peer support specialist (team members with lived experience of mental health concerns). 


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Contact Details

For urgent support contact our after hours phoneline on 0800 775 222, or phone (09) 261 3700 at any time.
If you need immediate help call 111.

This page was last updated at 9:25AM on December 17, 2021. This information is reviewed and edited by Counties Manukau Health Adult Mental Health.