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General Counselling (Individual, Family or Couple)

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Mental health

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Community based support - mental health



Age Groups

Child / tamariki, Youth / rangatahi, Adult / pakeke, Older adult / kaumātua

Referral Types

Self referral, GP, DHB clinical services

Referral Process

Please contact us directly for more information.


We also offer all forms of general counselling including individual, family or couple counselling.

Counselling is person focused and based on helping individuals, couples and families to explore issues, concerns and/or self-validation, which leads to the development of more satisfying and resourceful ways of living.

Family Therapy is based on the recognition that people are significantly shaped by their original family environment.  Individual issues become family issues.  Interventions take into account factors that are interpersonal and intergenerational as well as intra-personal and in the here and now.

Couples work attempts to identify each person's view of the relationship. The focus is on working forward rather than holding on to the blame. Both parties are asked to relate how the dynamic is affecting them personally and what they are doing in response. Through taking individual responsibility for one's actions, each person will begin to control the only thing they can control, themselves. This approach allows for differences and encourages the recognition that one's partner does not have to have the same world-view.

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