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Penina Trust

Mental Health & Addictions Service, Pasifika


Adult Community Living Service (CLS)

Programme Areas

Mental health

Programme Type

Community based support - mental health


East Auckland, South Auckland

Age Groups

Adult / Pakeke

Referral Types

DHB clinical services

Referral Process

Referrals are made via Faletoa Counties-Manukau District Health Board (CMDHB), Pacific Mental Health Service.


This service has a strengths-based, recovery orientation. It assists people who would previously have stayed in inpatient services or residential rehabilitation, or who could no longer remain in their accommodation, to develop their own solutions to achieve any of the following:

  • plan for a better future
  • rapidly obtain housing when they have none
  • live in affordable housing and in the community of their choice
  • receive supports that will enable them to live full and active lives within the community
  • enhance their ability to complete activities of daily living that increase wellbeing
  • achieve their goals in terms of work and of friendship and family connections
  • minimise the impact of their mental illness on their lives.

The service also works with members of the community (e.g. landlords, employers) to improve opportunities for clients of the service.

For some consumers, especially for those who are exiting a residential facility where they may have been for some time, living a quality life in the community will require some planned support. Penina's Community Living Service seeks to work in partnership with consumers to identify and assess their recovery needs, and to find personalised solutions that can enable them to succeed and recover in their communities of choice.

Our staff provide one-on-one support for consumers and their families who are referred to this service. This support includes advocacy, accessing appropriate accommodation and benefits with HousingNZ and WINZ respectively, planned support towards employment and education (supporting with enrolments to appropriate courses and other education facilities), networking with other services and agencies etc.

Contact Details

1 Beach Rd, Weymouth, Auckland

South Auckland

8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

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