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Seven-day Social Detox Programme

Programme Areas

Addictions - drug & alcohol

Programme Type

Social detox, Residential alcohol & other drug treatment


All of New Zealand

Age Groups

Adult / pakeke, Older adult / kaumātua

Referral Types

Self referral, GP

Referral Process
The admissions process begins as soon as possible after you contact us. It begins with a with a pre-assessment by our team so we know the best way to start your drug or alcohol addiction treatment safely. After those checks and a bit of paperwork we'll arrange you a private room at our centre and begin your recovery journey.
Our 7-day social detox programme removes you from aspects of your life that trigger your drug or alcohol issues. It provides a respite from these daily triggers and can give you a start on your recovery by helping you to break the connection to your dependency.
You'll meet with our nurse and doctor for an assessment as well as one of our counsellors and you'll undergo a full medical before starting your drug or alcohol withdrawal treatment and detox. Also included are counselling sessions with our clinical director and intensive supervision to monitor your progress and help you with any obstacles.
Alongside your treatment, we also offer family support. We know that support from your family is a major part of your recovery so we work with you and your loved ones to help you explain your addiction to them and to rebuild your relationships with them in a new way.
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