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Mental Health & Addictions Service


AOD Respite and Treatment Service (Puna Whakataa)

Programme Areas

Addictions - drug & alcohol

Programme Type

Peer support (AOD), Community / social support (AOD), Social detox, Coexisting problems – mental health & addictions, Residential alcohol & other drug treatment


East Auckland, South Auckland

Age Groups

Adult / pakeke

Referral Process

This service is for CMDHB residents aged 18 to 65 who are vulnerable to the extent that they require intensive support and treatment. Individuals must be currently engaged with a publically funded specialist AOD or Dual Diagnosis Service.

This service is not appropriate for individuals whose main issue is:

  • mental ill health (without any AOD)
  • primarily a medical or physical illness
  • severe intoxication requiring detox
  • acute psychosis
  • lack of current or future accomodation

Puna Whakataa is an AOD Respite and Treatment Service provided in partnership by the Salvation Army and Connect Supporting Recovery. Integrating components of the Community Reinforcement Approach with Intentional Peer Support. We will offer time out, respite and treatment while keeping people connected to their community.

What we offer:

  • A short term residential service (14 days maximum)
  • A holistic approach
  • A comprehensive clinical assessment
  • A collaborative individual recovery plan
  • Individual counselling
  • Peer support and support to access community resources
  • A structured programme that still has flexibility to cater for those needing time out
  • Social or mild detoxification if needed
  • A culturally safe environment
  • Seamless, connected pathways of care and support

Contact Details

7-15 Ewington Avenue, Mt Eden, Auckland

Central Auckland

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16B Bakerfield Place, Manukau, Auckland

South Auckland

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17 James Laurie Street, Henderson, Auckland

West Auckland

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Manurewa, Auckland

South Auckland

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