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Breast Biopsy

Not everyone who undergoes a breast biopsy has breast cancer, but it is the most accurate way to study cells close up. If an examination, mammogram or ultrasound reveals a lump in a patient's breast or suspect areas, a specialist may remove a sample of tissue to check for cancer.

There is more than one biopsy procedure – some use a needle, some an incision. Our specialists will determine which is the best biopsy for you based on the size and location of the lump or suspicious area.

Open Excisional

A small incision (cut) is made as close as possible to the lump and the lump, together with a surrounding margin of tissue, is removed for examination. If the lump is large, only a portion of it may be removed.

Fine Needle Aspiration and Core Needle Biopsy

Both these procedures involve inserting a needle through your skin into the breast lump and removing a sample of tissue for examination.

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