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Coronary Angiogram

This test is performed by a cardiologist in a sterile operating theatre environment. 
Most people will need to have routine tests before the procedure. These tests may require separate appointments and are usually planned the day before or the day of the procedure.
You will be asked not to eat or drink after midnight the evening before the procedure.

You are not given a general anaesthetic but may have some medication to relax you if needed.  Local anaesthetic is put into an area of skin to the side of your groin or in your arm.  A needle and then tube are fed into an artery here and advanced through the blood vessels to the heart.  Dye is then injected so that the heart and blood vessels can be seen on X-ray.  X-rays and measurements are then taken giving the doctors information about the state of your heart and the exact nature of any narrowed blood vessels.  This allows them to plan the best form of treatment to prevent heart attacks and control any symptoms you may have.
After the procedure you will have to lay flat for several hours to prevent bleeding.

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