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Private Service, Cardiothoracic Surgery


Our team of multidisciplinary surgeons is experienced in Adult Cardiothoracic Surgery specialised in aortic surgery, ischaemic heart disease, heart valve surgery, arterial revascularisation, aortic root surgery and rheumatic heart disease.

Mr McCormack, Mr Patel & Mr Pirone provide patient-centered care ensuring your values are considered throughout your surgical journey.

Cardiac operations performed include: 

  • Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

  • Aortic Valve Surgery

  • Mitral Valve Surgery

  • Aortovascular Surgery



Adult / Pakeke, Older adult / Kaumātua

How do I access this service?


Referral Expectations

At your clinic appointment

You will be seen by one of our surgeons for specialist assessment and management of symptoms. Your surgeon will work in collaboration with your cardiologist, GP and any other health professionals involved in your care keeping them informed of the outcome of these consultations. Some of the topics that can be discussed include:

  • Pain assessment
  • Review of symptoms
  • Past medical history
  • Treatment options 
  • Recovery from surgery

​If an operation is necessary, you will be given the opportunity to meet your anaesthetist. You can discuss fully the process of anaesthesia and they will answer any questions you have.


If you require surgery, we will arrange an operation date that is convenient for you. You will be cared for by a skilled and knowledgeable expert team in the excellent facilities of Braemar Hospital including high quality theatres with the latest technologies.


If you have medical insurance, we can guide you throughout the pre-approval & claim process. Just contact us, we're happy to help and give advice on all insurances.

We are proud Affiliated Providers of all major health insurances; Southern Cross Medical Insurance, nib First Choice Medical Insurance, AIA Insurance NZ, Accuro Health Insurance, UniMed Health Insurance and New Zealand Police Association Insurance.




Languages Spoken

English, Italian, Spanish, Ezispeak Telephone Interpreting Service

Procedures / Treatments

  • Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (CABG)

    When the arteries that supply the heart with blood (coronary arteries) become blocked with fatty substances, surgery may be required to restore blood flow to the heart muscle.… More

  • Heart Valve Surgery

    There are four major heart valves that control blood flow through the heart.… More

  • Congenital Cardiac Surgery

    Sometimes people are born with abnormalities of the heart or major blood vessels.… More

  • Aortic Aneurysm Repair

    An aneurysm is a weak, bulging area that can develop on the wall of a blood vessel particularly in the aorta, the large artery that carries blood from the heart for delivery to the rest of the body.… More

Wheelchair Access



Free parking is provided at Braemar Hospital.

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