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Andrew Cho - Specialist Otolaryngologist Head & Neck Surgeon

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Throat & Neck Conditions 喉咙+颈部的状况

Tonsils + adenoids
Whether you are young or old, inflammation of the tonsils can cause recurrent episodes of inflammation of the throat and upper respiratory tract. Symptoms include ear canal infections, sore throat, nasal dyspnoea, dysphagia, and obstructive sleep apnoea. If you have encountered these symptoms frequently in the past year, please call us to make a comprehensive expert assessment.




腮腺炎  (Mumps)

声音嘶哑+久咳不愈 (Hoarseness and Chronic Cough)

甲状腺+甲状旁腺症状 (Thyroid & Parathyroid Symptoms)

头和颈部的癌症 (Head & Neck Cancer)

唾液肿瘤+症状 (Salivary Tumour & Symptoms)

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