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Laser Laryngoscopy

Laser laryngoscopy is a procedure where a laser is used to deliver energy to tissue in the larynx (voicebox) to help treat a number of conditions.


Lasers used have a small fibre that fits inside an endoscope and delivers the energy to the tissue, or a beam that can be aimed at the target tissue. The most common types of laser used are the KTP (Potassium Titanyl Phosphate) laser, the PDL (pulsed dye laser) or the CO2 (carbon dioxide laser).  A newer laser available at Auckland Voice and Swallow is the Gold laser.  Each laser uses a different wavelength of light, which determines the special characteristics of the laser.

Uses of Lasers in Laryngology

The most common conditions treated with the in-office lasers in laryngology are vocal fold polyps, papilloma (recurrent respiratory papilloma or RRP), ectasias, vascular lesions or early cancers.  To see photos of these conditions click here.

The laser treatment may be done in the office with minimal light local anaesthetic - no general anaesthesia is required.  Vocal outcomes using the laser are superb.

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