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Stroboscopy is a specialised technique for viewing the voicebox, in particular, the movements of the vocal cords (sound producing tissue of the voicebox).  A stroboscope is a light that flickers many times per second and like the movies, gives the impression of slow motion.  This enables us to see the vocal cords vibrating and to identify any abnormalities that might give rise to voice problems or hoarseness.

Stroboscopy is painless and performed in the office using either a flexible tube with a camera at the tip, or a rigid rod tube containing light that sits on your tongue.  It takes only a few moments to perform and is vital in diagnosis of voice disorders.

Conditions identified with the stroboscope include vocal fold polyps, cysts, papilloma, cancers, scars, treatment injuries, reduced movements e.g. paralysis or paresis, and changes due to aging (presbyphonia).

Stroboscopy may help determine which treatment is most appropriate or most likely to be effective.

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