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Hypercalcaemia is the medical word for a high level of calcium in the blood. This condition can occur in a number of different ways. The most common cause is primary hyperparathyroidism (over-active parathyroid glands). Secondary and tertiary hyperparathyroidism occur in renal dysfunction and results in enlargement of all four parathyroid glands.

The object of the operation is to locate and remove the overactive parathyroid tissue (usually one gland).

The operation is performed through an incision in the front of the neck low down and usually in a skin crease. The thyroid gland is exposed and partially lifted out of the way to expose the parathyroid glands. The enlarged gland(s) are then removed completely. There are several important structures near the parathyroid glands that are at risk of injury during this type of surgery. Your surgeon will explain the risks of the operation to you. For more information please see www.thyroid.co.nz

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