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Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

In this procedure 80% of the stomach is removed, limiting the amount of food that can be taken and powerfully suppressing hunger.


  • Removes the part of the stomach that produces the hunger hormone (ghrelin)
  • By avoiding intestinal bypass, there is less chance of intestinal blockage or vitamin deficiency
  • It is a good first stage procedure for very big patients (> 160kg or BMI > 55kg/m2)
  • Results show promise as definitive procedure for patients with BMI 35-45kg/m2


  • There is potential for inadequate weight loss because no intestinal bypass is done
  • Bigger patients may need to have a second stage procedure later
  • Soft calories from food like ice cream can be absorbed and may slow weight loss
  • Staple line leaks can occur
  • The procedure is not reversible, but can be converted to another weight loss procedure


Click here for a patient information booklet about the laparoscopic gastric sleeve procedure.

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