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Laparoscopy Auckland

Private Service, General Surgery


Some of New Zealand's most experienced and pioneering laparoscopic surgeons have created Laparoscopy Auckland, a super specialised hospital offering on-site consultation, laparoscopy, gastroscopy and colonoscopy. Both day - stay and overnight procedures are performed on one site.

Laparoscopy Auckland is a purpose-built environment. All rooms are single with an emphasis on NZ/Pacific Designer fit out and art. The theme is safety, efficiency and service.


What is Laparoscopic Surgery?
Laparoscopic (or keyhole) surgical procedures are performed in the abdomen through several small incisions (cuts), usually only 5-10mm long, rather than through one large incision.
The laparoscope is a long narrow instrument which has a light source and tiny camera attached. It is inserted through one of the incisions so that the surgeon can view the inside of the body on a video monitor.
The surgeon then passes specially designed surgical instruments through the other incisions and carries out the procedure using the monitor to guide the instruments.
Laparoscopic surgery is usually associated with less blood loss, less pain and less scarring, compared to open surgery.  In most cases, time spent in hospital and the overall recovery time from the operation are reduced.


Referral Expectations

It is usual for you to be referred to your surgeon by your general practitioner. The surgeon will ask questions about your condition and examine you. Further investigations (blood tests, x-rays, endoscopy) may be requested. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, treatment will be discussed. If surgery is indicated, you can expect a full explanation of what is involved and a quote/estimate of costs will be provided.


Laparoscopy Auckland is a Southern Cross Affiliated Provider for procedures within the General surgery (gall bladder, hernia) service area. These include :

  • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
  • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy with an intraoperative cholangiogram
  • Laparoscopic nissen fundoplication
  • Laparoscopic repair of femoral hernia
  • Laparoscopic repair of inguinal hernia
  • Open repair of epigastric hernia
  • Open repair of incisional hernia
  • Open repair of umbilical hernia

Procedures / Treatments

  • Gallstones

    Gallstones, small stone-like structures, form in the fluid (bile) that is stored in the gallbladder.  They may vary from the size of a grain of sand to a golf ball and there may be one or hundreds present.… More

  • Hernias

    A hernia exists where part of the abdominal wall is weakened and the contents of the abdomen push through to the outside, forming a swelling or bulge.  Common sites are in the groin (inguinal hernia), at the umbilicus or belly button (umbilical or para-umbilical hernia), the upper abdominal midline above… More

  • Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD)

    GORD is caused by the backflow (reflux) of food and acid from the stomach into the oesophagus (the tube that connects the mouth to the stomach).  This happens when the valve between the lower end of the oesophagus and the stomach is not working properly.  The main symptom of GORD… More

  • Appendicitis

    The appendix is a small worm-like tube attached to the intestine in the lower right abdomen.  If it becomes blocked or infected it can cause appendicitis, resulting in pain on the right side of the abdomen, nausea and vomiting.… More

  • Spleen Removal (Splenectomy)

    The spleen is a soft fleshy organ in the upper left abdomen that is involved in the formation and cleansing of blood.  It may need to be removed if it becomes enlarged, has a tumour or cyst, or in the presence of certain blood disorders, the most common of which… More

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Visiting Hours

Visiting is permitted until 9pm. After 5pm, access to the hospital is down the driveway on the right hand side of our building, via the ramp. After 9pm, there is a doorbell on the ramp at the entrance to Laparoscopy Auckland to alert staff of your presence.


Refreshments will be provided to patients in the hospital that are appropriate for the surgical procedure performed.

Public Transport

The Auckland Transport Journey Planner will help you to plan your journey.

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Parking is available for patients and visitors in the front carpark.


Accommodation in the hospital is all single rooms with a shared ensuite.

TV is provided in all patient rooms, including 3 SKY channels.

Internet access is available in all patient rooms (wireless) on request.

Contact Details

148 Gillies Avenue, Auckland

Central Auckland

Mr Andrew Bowker: Ph (09) 630 0223; Fax (09) 630 0220 andrewbowker@laparoscopyauckland.co.nz
Mr John Dunn: Ph (09) 623 0555; Fax (09) 623 6662 johndunn@laparoscopyauckland.co.nz
Mr Adam Bartlett: Ph (09) 623 4789
Miss Alison Hayes: Ph (09) 623 4788
Mr David Merrilees: Ph (09) 623 4783; Fax (09) 623 8526 merrilees@laparoscopyauckland.co.nz 

148 Gillies Ave

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