Cataract Surgery

Because no two eyes are ever the same, Auckland Eye offers two approaches to cataract surgery: PersonalEyes ® and PersonalEyes ®plus.

A cataract is a progressive cloudiness that develops inside the lens of the eye. As it progresses, light passing through the eye is reduced and people often notice their eyesight becoming more and more blurry, colours lose their brightness and driving at night can become problematic.

Once a cataract affects vision too much, a cataract removal operation is generally advised.  This decision is usually made in consultation with an eye specialist.
The operation is almost always done under local anaesthetic. Once the cataract has been removed an artificial lens is put in to replace it. It is relatively short in duration and an overnight stay in hospital is not required.  Post-operative care consists of eye drops and a check at 1-2 days then after 2-4 weeks.
Please bring to your appointment for your cataract assessment your glasses and the names of any medications you use. You will have your eyes examined and this normally requires dilating drops being placed into your eyes which can make it difficult to drive home, so it is advisable to bring a driver.
If a cataract removal is advised, you will require a few more eye measurements and then you will meet a surgical bookings clerk to arrange a date in the future for the surgery. The whole appointment will normally take approximately an hour to complete. 

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