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Bowen Eye Clinic - Dr Reece Hall

Private Service, Ophthalmology


8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Bowen Eye Clinic is a specialist eye centre in Wellington offering excellence in Laser Eye Surgery, LASIK Surgery and Cataract Surgery. Services are also provided in Palmerston North, Waikanae and Nelson.

Established in 2014, Bowen Eye Clinic is a purpose-built modern day surgery facility offering the latest and newest diagnostic equipment to give you the best visual results for your vision. The Bowen Eye Clinic uses the latest FDA approved Femtosecond and Excimer lasers offering personalised treatments to correct eye focusing problems: short-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. We offer the safety and accuracy of IntraLase blade-free LASIK, giving precise visual results.

Dr Reece Hall has over 14 years experience in refractive and cataract surgery, using the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure the best results for your vision. Dr Reece Hall is New Zealand's only laser eye surgeon who has completed two overseas fellowships in laser eye surgery and has a Masters degree in refractive surgery.

Dr Reece Hall is the only Wellington corneal specialist working in both private ophthalmology and holds a consultant position at the public district health board, treating the majority of corneal disease in the region. 

Bowen Eye Clinic offers:

  • Staar Visian ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens)
  • Kerataconus: Corneal Cross Linking, Kera Rings 
  • Pterygium Surgery: with conjunctival autograft and fibrin glue (latest technique)
  • Corneal Transplant Surgery: DSAEK and DALK (latest techniques)
  • Glaucoma treatment
  • Macular Degeneration treatment
  • Intravitreal Avastin
  • Red Eye treatment
  • Please visit our website for further information  www.boweneye.co.nz

    What is Ophthalmology?
    Ophthalmology is the branch of specialist medicine that is focused on the health of eyes and their surrounding tissues, including muscles, bones, eyelids, and tear production/drainage systems. Your eye is the organ of vision and consists of the cornea (the outer clear layer), the sclera (the white of the eye), the iris (the coloured part), the lens (lies behind the iris) and the retina (the light-sensitive lining at the back of the eye). Your eyes ‘see’ by focusing light that enters the eye onto the retina which sends the image to the brain by the optic nerve.

    Ophthalmologists are doctors who are trained in the study of eyes. Most will be trained in eye surgery, and may have particular areas of interest or expertise.


    Referral Expectations

    Dr Reece Hall accepts self referrals and referrals from doctors and optometrists for general ophthalmology conditions. 

    To find out if your prescription and general eye health make you a suitable laser eye surgery candidate you can self refer to have a free no obligation assessment at one of our clinics in Wellington, Palmerston North, Waikanae or Nelson.

    At Bowen Eye Clinic we believe in continuity of care. Dr Reece Hall takes the ultimate responsibility for determining whether Laser Eye Surgery is the right procedure for you. At all of your appointments from the initial prescreening suitability assessment, planning your individual prescription measurements to guide the procedure, performing the laser procedure and providing your postoperative appointments - you will see and get to know Dr Reece Hall. Our knowledgeable ophthalmic technicians will guide you through each step should you have any questions at any time. 

    You are welcome to self refer for a general eye examination that you would like a specialist to diagnose and treat. 


    Bowen Eye Clinic offers a range of payment options and finance plans to suit your needs.

    Dr Reece Hall is a Southern Cross Affiliated Provider for a range of Ophthalmology services including:

    • Chalazion or tarsal cyst removal
    • Consultations and assessments
    • Corneal cross-linking
    • Corneal topography
    • Intrastromal corneal ring implants for Keratoconus
    • Intravitreal Avastin
    • Laser iridotomy
    • Laser iridoplasty
    • Laser trabeculoplasty
    • Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
    • Specular microscopy
    • Visual field tests
    • YAG laser capsulotomy
    • SLT (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty)
    • Photocoagulation of the retina or pan retinal laser
    • Pterygium or pinguecula surgery


    8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

    Mon – Fri8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

    Contact the practice on 0800 MY 20 20 (0800 69 2020) during business hours, Monday to Friday, to arrange an appointment at your preferred clinic.

    At COVID-19 alert Level 1 and Level 2 we are able to provide all of our services.

    At COVID-19 alert Level 3 we can offer semi-urgent elective ophthlmic clinics and elective surgery.

    Safety for both you and our staff continues to be our top priority.

    Bowen Eye Clinic will be continuing to:

    • maintain infection prevention and control measures with additional cleaning
    • provide social distancing with seating in our waiting room
    • keep a contact tracing register and provide the QR scan code for those visiting the practice
    • screen appointment bookings for any potential recent exposure to COVID-19.

    Procedures / Treatments

    • LASIK Surgery

      LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is a surgical procedure that changes the shape of the cornea (the clear covering of the eye).… More

    • Laser Blended Vision

      Laser Blended Vision (no reading glasses)
      Presbyopia is a condition where reading without glasses becomes difficult especially in poor light.… More

    • Refractive Error: short-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism

      These conditions cause distance blur. In myopia, the eye has a resting focus at a near distance so that people will be able to see objects clearly at some point close to them, whilst the distance is blurry.… More

    • Cataracts

      Cataracts are the most common age-related occurrence in eyes. The lens becomes thicker and stiffer and appears yellow and cloudy.… More

    • Glaucoma

      Glaucoma is a group of diseases that can damage the eye’s optic nerve and may result in vision loss and blindness. Multiple factors are often important in causing glaucoma, but it is most commonly related to in an increase in pressure in the eye.… More

    • Diabetic Retinopathy

      This is a complication of diabetes and is caused by small blood vessel damage within the retina of the eye.  It commonly affects both eyes and may cause permanent loss of vision.  Macular oedema is sometimes also present with diabetic retinopathy.  Macular oedema is when fluid leaks into the retina… More

    • Keratoconus

      Keratoconus is a progressive disease of the cornea that affects young people, causing blindness.… More

    • Intra-Corneal Ring Segments for Keratoconus

      Kerarings also called 'corneal implants' or 'intra-corneal ring segments' are a surgical treatment for keratoconus.… More

    • Corneal Cross-Linking

      Corneal Cross-Linking (CXL) is a breakthrough in medical ophthalmic science and gives hope to keratoconus patients.… More

    • Cataract Surgery with Toric IOL

      Astigmatism can be treated at the time of cataract surgery with a Toric Intraocular Lens (IOL).… More

    • Phakic IOL (Staar ICL)

      Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) is an alternative to Laser Eye Surgery.… More

    • Pterygium Surgery

      A Pterygium (Surfer's Eye) is a wing-shaped growth on the surface of the eye causing redness, irritation and sometimes decreased vision.… More

    • Corneal Transplant Surgery

      Corneal transplant surgery techniques have advanced in the last 10 years.… More

    • YAG Posterior Capsulotomy

      Cataract surgery is highly successful in restoring your sight from cataracts.… More

    • SLT (Selective Lase Trabeculoplasty)

      Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) is a laser procedure used to treat glaucoma by reducing the pressure in the eye.… More


    Café Santé is situated beside the entrance to Bowen Hospital.

    Travel Directions

    Bowen Eye Clinic is conveniently located on site with Bowen Hospital. We are on Churchill Drive in Crofton Downs between Wadestown and Ngaio, a 10 minute drive from Wellington CBD.

    Public Transport

    Bowen Eye Clinic can be easily accessed by train or bus.

    Train - from Wellington Railway Station, take the Train JVL (Johnsonville Line Wellington - Johnsonville) and get off at the Crofton Downs Station stop. A 10 minute walk past Mitre 10 and Countdown, will take you to Bowen Hospital site. 

    Bus 22 (Wellington-Kelburn-Mairangi-Johnsonville). Get off at the Churchill Drive stop and it is a short 4 minute walk to Bowen Hospital site.

    Bus 14 (Kilbirnie-Hataitai-Roseneath-Wellington-Wilton). Get off at the Wilton Road opposite Blackridge Road stop and it is a leisurely 15 minute walk to Bowen Hospital site. 


    There is ample free parking available at the Wellington and satellite locations.


    Crofton Downs Pharmacy is a 2 minute drive away situated beside the Countdown supermarket at 124 Churchill Drive, Crofton Downs.

    Contact Details

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