Oculoplastic Surgery

Oculoplastic surgery is the sub-specialty part of eye surgery concerned with medical and surgical treatment of eyelid and tear duct problems. In New Zealand's climate, this involves a lot of work treating skin cancers, as well as repair of drooping upper and lower eyelids, skin grafts and blepharoplasty (removal of excess skin in upper or lower eyelids, for functional or cosmetic reasons). Treatment of eyelid changes can be quite different from treatment of skin changes elsewhere, because maintaining the structure and mobility of the eyelids is so important in maintaining the health of the eye.

Assessment and treatment of the watery eye is also a large component of oculoplastic practice. Causes of watery eyes include things which increase tear production (such as lashes rubbing the cornea) as well as things which interfere with tear drainage (such as eyelid laxity and tear duct narrowing or blockage). Obviously accurate assessment will allow identification of the most appropriate treatment - medical or surgical.

Many small eyelid procedures such as tear duct syringing and eyelid biopsies can be done in the normal clinic appointments. Almost all other procedures are done under local anaesthesia (plus or minus sedation) in the procedure room at Milford Eye Clinic, or in the operating theatres in Shore Surgery (in the same building).

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