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Southern Cross Gillies Hospital - Paediatric Surgery

Private Surgical Service, Paediatrics, General Surgery

This is where you will come to have your surgery performed. The visits to your surgeon before and after surgery will be at their consulting rooms.


Gillies, a Southern Cross Hospital, is located in the heart of Epsom, Auckland.

The hospital prides itself on being a trusted private surgical hospital with highly skilled professionals providing accessible family-centred care. We value Excellence, Respect, Teamwork and Fairness.

Gillies Hospital has been designed with a focus on short stay surgery, and provides a friendly and highly professional environment.

The hospital's four operating rooms are complemented by 16 inpatient beds and a same day unit.


Procedures / Treatments

  • Hernias

    Umbilical Hernia An incision (cut) is made underneath the navel (tummy button) and the hernia (part of the intestine that is bulging through the abdominal wall) is pushed back into the abdominal cavity.… More

  • Orchiopexy

    A small incision (cut) is made in the groin on the side of the undescended testicle and the testicle pulled down into the scrotum.… More

  • Sigmoidoscopy

    A long, narrow tube with a tiny camera attached (sigmoidoscope) is inserted into the anus and moved through the lower large intestine (bowel).… More

  • Frenectomy

    A fold of tissue (frenum) that attaches to the cheek, lips and/or tongue is surgically removed. More

  • Appendectomy

    Laparoscopic: several small incisions (cuts) are made in the lower right abdomen and a narrow tube with a tiny camera attached (laparoscope) in inserted.… More

  • Circumcision

    The foreskin is pulled away from the body of the penis and cut off, exposing the underlying head of the penis (glans).… More

  • Skin Biopsy

    Shave Biopsy: the top layers of skin in the area being investigated are shaved off with a scalpel (surgical knife) for investigation under a microscope.… More

  • Skin Lesion Excision

    Skin lesions such as cysts and tumours are removed by cutting around and under them with a scalpel. More

  • Meatoplasty (urethral)

    A minor surgical procedure is performed to widen the urinary meatus or opening (where the urine exits the body). More

  • Hydrocoele

    A small cut is made in the scrotum and the fluid is drained from the hydrocoele sac (a fluid-filled mass that forms in the scrotum).… More

  • Testicular Torsion

    A small cut is made in the scrotum, the cord supplying blood to the testicle is untwisted and both testes are sutured (stitched) to the scrotum to prevent another torsion.… More

  • Spermatocoele

    The fluid-filled cyst or sac (spermatocoele) that forms on the epididymis (a long tube that lies at the back of each testicle) is surgically removed. More

  • Thyroglossal Cyst

    An incision (cut) is made in the neck over the cyst (fluid-filled sac) and the cyst cut free from muscle and other tissue.… More

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A car park is located to the left of the hospital as you enter off Gillies Ave.

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160 Gillies Avenue
Auckland 1023

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160 Gillies Avenue
Auckland 1023

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P O Box 99018
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