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Marina Plastic Surgery

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Facial Implants

Enhancing facial appearance with facial implants is becoming very popular. They are made of a variety of tissue-compatible materials such as 'Porex' (granular polyethylene), 'Teflon' or silicone or hydroxy-apatite (which looks like coral!). Implants can be put into your chin, cheeks or jaw to improve or change the shape and/or size of the bones in these areas.
In most cases, small cuts (incisions) are made on the inside of your mouth, through which the implants can be inserted.
The length of the operation depends on the type of procedure but is typically 60-90 minutes. In most cases, you will probably receive a general anaesthetic (you will sleep through the procedure) and you will stay in hospital overnight and receive antibiotics, painkillers, fluids etc. Your face will be swollen and bruised for several days after the surgery and you will probably need at least 1 week off work.

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