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Cone Beam imaging enables ENT Specialists, Implant Specialists, Maxillofacial Surgeons, Orthodontists, General Practitioners and Plastic Surgeons to use three-dimensional imaging as a critical diagnostic and treatment planning tool.

At Cone Radiology we specialise in scans for:

  • ENT (sinuses, temporal bones, airway) e.g. a single scan can provide a clear image of the ear (temporal bone), the paranasal sinuses and the upper airways, useful in the assessment for sleep obstructive breathing and OSA.
  • Dental and maxillofacial scans e.g. when carrying out orthodontic treatment, Cone Beam CT technology with 3D image acquisition can produce a full array of images, including panoramic, teleradiography and 3D images. A NewTom VGi evo scan accurately shows characteristics such as the presence of teeth or fractures, bone density and height, or root shape and tilt.
  • Upper Extremity and Upper Cervical Spine e.g. 2D and 3D imaging of the upper extremity provides excellent views for diagnostic and surgical planning purposes.


Referral Expectations

Arrange a referral from your doctor and contact us by telephone, fax or email to make an appointment.

What to expect

A CB CT scan is a simple investigation and will not require any specific preparation.

  • Before the scan you will be asked to remove any metallic objects: earrings, necklaces, glasses, hearing aids or removable metallic prostheses. 
  • If there is any chance that you might be pregnant, please let us know. This is a contraindication to having a CB CT.
  • You will be positioned in the scanning area. The examination typically takes about 5 minutes. It is very important to remain absolutely still while the scan is being acquired to be able to achieve sharp images for an accurate diagnosis. 

Scan Results

The referring doctor will receive the radiologist's report and a CD of the examination.
All scans are reviewed and reported by radiologists. ENT scans will also be sighted by ENT surgeons from ENT Associates, who will be able to provide your doctor with a surgical opinion.

Cone Beam CT referral forms can be found here


No prior approval is required for Southern Cross patients. Depending on your policy there may be a surcharge.
Other insurances may require prior approval. A receipt will be provided upon payment for the scan. You will have to initiate a claim with your insurance.


8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Mon – Fri8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Public Holidays: Closed Queen's Birthday (6 Jun), Matariki (24 Jun), Labour Day (24 Oct), Auckland Anniversary (30 Jan), Waitangi Day (6 Feb), Good Friday (7 Apr), Easter Sunday (9 Apr), Easter Monday (10 Apr), ANZAC Day (25 Apr).

Procedures / Treatments

  • Cone Beam CT

    The NewTom VGI-Evo is a specialised scanner which captures a series of 360 images in a single 18 second scan.… More

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