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Peripheral Vascular Disease Treatment with Bypass OR Endovascular Methods

This is usually done for severe limb pain, arterial ulcers, gangrene or necrosis. It is usually done in the legs but very rarely in the arms. The treatment options are either:

  1. Endovascular - balloons and or stents to open up the narrowed / blocked areas in the arteries OR
  2. Surgical bypass using your own vein as a "pipe" to carry blood from above the blockage to below it.

The decision regarding which type of treatment, and how, will be discussed with you after appropriate scans to road map the arteries and in consultation with your specialist. Patients MUST stop smoking and their risk factors must be controlled to get an optimal (best) result which is durable (long lasting). Ideally patients are on an anti clotting substance like aspirin, anti cholesterol medication and have good control of their blood pressure prior to treatment for best results.

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