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Southern Cross Christchurch Hospital - Vascular Surgery

Private Surgical Service, Vascular Surgery

This is where you will come to have your surgery performed. The visits to your surgeon before and after surgery will be at their consulting rooms.

Varicose Veins

Sclerotherapy: a tiny needle is used to inject a chemical solution into the vein that causes the vein to collapse. This approach is recommended for small varicose veins only.

Vein stripping: the varicose veins are cut out and the veins that branch off them are tied off. The cuts (incisions) made in the skin are closed with sutures.

Phlebectomy: small cuts (incisions) are made in the leg and the varicose veins are pulled out with a tiny hook-like instrument. The cuts are closed with tape rather than sutures and, once healed, are almost invisible.

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