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Counties Manukau Health Speech Language Therapy

Public Service, Allied Health

Voice/ORL Clinic

Speech Language Therapy Service
ORL/ENT Department
This is a part-time outpatient service providing assessment and therapy for adults with voice disorders. Any person with persistent hoarseness must have been assessed by an Otolaryngologist prior to referral for voice therapy.

Voice difficulties (dysphonia) may be experienced in a number of ways, including hoarseness; loss of voice; reduced volume; changes in pitch or reduced pitch range; fatigue on talking; or vocal strain when speaking.
Service provided
The Speech Language Therapist will carry out an objective assessment of voice quality. Causative factors will be discussed and a programme of voice therapy provided. Voice therapy is tailored to the needs of the individual, following diagnosis of the cause of the dysphonia.
Treatment may include voice rest; advice and strategies on voice care and optimal voice use; and voice therapy using targeted techniques and exercises. Voice therapy may be provided alongside medical and/or surgical intervention.

A combined Voice Clinic is held at CMDHB and includes a stroboscopic assessment with the ORL Consultant and ORL Speech Language Therapist.

Adults living at home who require ongoing intervention from Speech Language Therapy for management of swallowing difficulties should be referred to Home Health Care.

Hours of Service
This service is available Mon-Wed
Contact Details
ORL, Manukau SuperClinic     Internal Fax: 3634

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