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Waitematā DHB Physiotherapy - Inpatients

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General Surgery

You may see a physiotherapist prior to your breast or upper abdominal surgery for exercises to aid your recovery.

After upper abdominal surgery, there is a risk of developing respiratory complications. A physiotherapist will provide you with educational material and an exercise programme to help minimise the risk. This will include encouraging you to sit in a chair and begin walking short distances as soon as safely possible - often the day of surgery or the day after.

If you are having breast surgery, a physiotherapist will provide you with exercises to minimise loss of movement at your shoulder. If you have any questions regarding what you are able to do with your arm on the affected side, your physiotherapist will endeavour to answer them.

At the end of your time in hospital, if you require ongoing physiotherapy input, your physiotherapist will discuss who may be best to continue with this input and refer accordingly.

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