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Orthopaedic Trauma

Orthopaedic trauma is any injury to your bones or joints that occurs accidentally. The most common injuries that are managed at North Shore Hospital are fractured ankles and hips. These are usually managed with surgery, although sometimes surgical intervention is not required. In addition, injuries on other joints such as the shoulder, elbow, knee and pelvis are managed by the Orthopaedic Service. Please see the Orthopaedic Services page for further information.

Following your surgery, a physiotherapist will see you to get you moving and to ensure your safety in doing so. This may also involve education, exercise programmes, progressing the distances you are walking, and ensuring that you are managing basic daily activities prior to discharge. This can be challenging as you may not be able to put weight through your arms and/or legs the way you usually would, so you may need to use crutches or a walking frame to compensate.

At the end of your time in hospital, if you require ongoing physiotherapy input, your physiotherapist will discuss this with you and refer accordingly.

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