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Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment is a process to identify your need for support services. It takes into consideration your current informal and formal supports, your abilities and your eligibility to access Disability Support Services. In order to access support services funded by the Ministry of Health, via the Southern District Health Board, it is necessary to undergo a Support Needs Assessment. This service is for older people with health and disability needs that may continue for six months or longer and who may require ongoing support services.

A service coordinator for the South Otago area will assist you to find suitable ways to meet your needs as identified in your assessment.

The service coordinator will:

Give you information about:

  • What services are available
  • Whether you qualify for funded services
  • If a financial means test is required
  • Who the providers of services are

Allocate services:

  • Allocate services according to need and availability
  • Funding may be limited by the SDHB
  • If you want funded support you will be given options of providers who have a contract with the SDHB
  • You will be referred to the provider of your choice.

You will be given information about other services or community supports if you need additional help or do not qualify for funded services.

If you receive Home Support, your needs will be reviewed annually, and if in residential care when your needs change. You may ask for a re-assessment or a review of your services at any time if your situation changes, or if you wish to change your provider.

If you wish to speak to our Needs Assessor, please call (03) 419 0520 between the hours of 8.00am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

This page was last updated at 10:37AM on September 7, 2021.