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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a professional health service, which uses carefully selected purposeful activities to promote, restore and maintain or develop an individual’s ability to accomplish tasks that are relevant to their daily lives. When disability, illness or injury limits people’s ability to function, an occupational therapist can assist them to achieve and maintain their maximum level of independence.

Our occupational therapists make an initial assessment of a person’s ability to carry out daily tasks of living e.g. managing to dress oneself using correct techniques after a total hip replacement, after injury, or after admission to hospital. A person’s goals and demands of their environment are identified and become the basis for the treatment programme. This may include carefully selected activities, adaptative techniques or education, provision of equipment or housing alterations, which will minimise the effects of disease, injury or disability.

Our occupational therapists can provide:

  • An assessment in your own home for people who are elderly or disabled
  • Provision of short term loan equipment/ assistive devices for independence after operation/ accident or for palliative care needs
  • Advice and information on community resources
  • Assessment and retraining in activities of daily living following injury / illness
  • Assess your eligibility to access funding for essential provision of equipment and /or alterations to your house to allow independence within your home environment
  • Advice on accessing lottery grants for equipment needs
  • Post concussion or suspected concussion education and follow up
  • Stress management and relaxation education
  • Education on coping with specific disabilities e.g. arthritis and stroke

Our occupational therapists also hire out wheelchairs to those in our local community. Should you require information on this service, please contact our Occupational Therapy Department.

To speak directly to one of our occupational therapists please call us on (03) 419 0525 between the hours of 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

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