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Fibroscans are performed at the NZ Liver Transplant Unit, Level 15, Auckland City Hospital.  Referrals can be sent direct to the NZ Liver Transplant Unit, or e-mailed to aklivert@adhb.govt.nz.  Fibroscans require referral from a medical practitioner (a specialist or GP).

Please DO NOT EAT OR DRINK anything for 2 HOURS prior to your scan.

Fibroscans are available for non-residents: cost $244.95 (includes GST).  Payment must be made prior to fibroscan (this can be done by reporting to the Cashier's office, behind Level 5 Reception Desk at Auckland City Hospital just prior to the fibroscan appointment.  Patients, if in doubt about eligibility, are advised to bring along passport/birth certificate and/or any permits they have. 

Any queries can be referred to aklivert@adhb.govt.nz

Please find attached a fibroscan information leaflet

Of note:

Patients who have been referred to liver outpatient clinic may undergo a fibroscan as part of their routine assessment.  We can offer this at our Greenlane Clinical Centre clinics as well as at Auckland. 

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