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The Elective Surgery Centre (ESC) - North Shore Hospital Campus, Waitematā DHB

Public Service, General Surgery, ENT/ Head & Neck Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Plastic Surgery, Urology

What Happens on the Day of Surgery?

On the day of surgery, we ask that you follow these simple five steps to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day:

  1. Follow the instructions given to you regarding eating and drinking times and your medication rules. If in doubt, please give us a call - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT

  2. Cutting or grazing your skin on or near your surgery site may lead to your surgery being cancelled on the day, so please don't shave the area near to your surgery site, if applicable.

  3. Please have a good shower and wash your hair, prior to coming in to hospital. Try not to wear talcum powder, perfume, aftershave, creams/moisturisers, makeup or nail varnish and do not wear any jewellery, other than a simple wedding band if necessary.

  4. Please try to wear warm and comfy clothes when you travel to the hospital, so you are as warm as possible right up to your operation time.

  5. Please allow plenty of time for the Auckland traffic when travelling into hospital. It’s better to arrive earlier, rather than later.

Please note that if you are having foot, joint or leg surgery, you may require crutches. You will need to leave a refundable $30 deposit IN CASH for the loan of our crutches, so please make sure you have this with you before you are discharged.

This page was last updated at 3:25PM on August 2, 2021.