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Counties Manukau Health Psychological Medicine

Public Service, Mental Health

Inpatient Psychologists

Burns Psychology (inpatients/outpatients):

Psychological input for patients of the National Burns Unit

  • Nicole Schoombie - Health Psychologist


Critical Care Complex Psychology (inpatients):

Psychological input for Intensive Care patients, family/whānau and staff

  • Claire O'Donovan - Health Psychologist
  • Kiralee Schache - Health Psychologist


Rehabilitation Psychology (inpatients):

Psychological input for Adult Rehabilitation (AT&R) inpatients

  • Dionne Taylor - Clinical Psychologist
  • Arta Krievina -Psychologist
  • Julie Lough - Psychologist
  • Philippa Loseby - Health Psychologist


Psychological input for patients of the Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit 

  • Arta Krievina - Psychologist


Complex Pain Round (inpatients):

  • Jessee Fia'Ali'i - Health Psychologist

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