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The information on this page is about the renal services provided by Counties Manukau Health; contact details, treatments, staff etc.
If you are looking for information about kidney disease please click on https://www.kidneys.co.nz/ - this website provides useful information for both patients and healthcare professionals and includes Tongan, Samoan and Mandarin translated resources.

The renal services are designed to provide a diagnostic and therapeutic service for patients with renal disease. The services include:

  • management of patients in acute and chronic renal failure
  • providing renal replacement therapy (dialysis) to patients with end stage renal failure
  • haemodialysis: self-care, community centre care, home, satellite (at Manukau SuperClinic™),  or hospital incentre 
  • peritoneal dialysis: continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) or automated peritoneal dialysis (APD)
  • predialysis education
  • renal transplantation work-up and follow-up starting 3 months after transplantation
  • admission of patients with renal disease to the renal ward for observation/diagnosis/treatment.

Renal Services Provided by Counties Manukau Health
Renal services provided are located at the following locations:

Middlemore Hospital and Western Campus:

  • renal ward
  • incentre dialysis
  • training unit for home dialysis
  • peritoneal dialysis unit.

Manukau SuperClinic

  • outpatient clinic (Module 5)

Botany SuperClinic

  • outpatient clinic 

Manukau Surgery Centre

  • satellite unit (renal dialysis)
  • Rito unit (renal dialysis)

Community Dialysis Houses are run by Counties Manukau Health Renal Service in Middlemore Crescent.


Note: Please note below that some people are not available at all locations.


There are no charges for services to public patients if you are lawfully in New Zealand and meet one of the Eligibility Directions specified criteria set by the Ministry of Health.  If you do not meet the criteria, you will be required to pay for the full costs of any medical treatment you receive during your stay.

To check whether you meet the specified eligibility criteria, visit the Ministry of Health website.

For any applicable charges, please phone the Accounts Receivable Office on (09) 276 0060.

Common Conditions / Procedures / Treatments

  • Haemodialysis

    Haemodialysis is a treatment that cleans and filters your blood by removing the waste products and extra fluid that your kidneys can no longer eliminate.  Haemodialysis requires a machine and an artificial kidney that is called a dialyzer.  During the haemodialysis treatment your blood is pumped by the machine through… More

  • Peritoneal Dialysis

    Peritoneal dialysis is a treatment where the peritoneal membrane (lining around the inside of your intestinal wall) is used to filter and cleanse the impurities, waste products and extra fluid from your body.  Peritoneal dialysis uses a fluid called dialysate to remove fluid and waste products from your abdominal cavity… More

  • Renal Failure

    End stage renal disease (ESRD) has many causes but no cure.  When almost all kidney function is lost, one of the existing treatment types must be used to maintain life.  Specialist input from a skilled physician (renal physician, also called nephrologist) is necessary.… More

  • Transplantation

    Transplantation places one healthy kidney into your abdomen.  This one kidney is sufficient to replace the work of your two failed kidneys.… More

Visiting Hours

Ward One and In-hospital Dialysis Unit (AMC) Middlemore Hospital
Visiting times are between 2pm and 8pm. Visitors are restricted to two at a time.

Rito Unit & Satellite Unit
9.30am – 11.30am, Monday to Saturday
2.30pm – 5.00pm, Monday to Saturday
Visitors are restricted to two at a time.

Contact Details

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