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What is Paediatric Nephrology?
This is a branch of medicine which looks at the diagnosis, investigation and treatment of children with diseases affecting the kidneys and urinary drainage system (ureters & bladder). The kidneys are organs which are found in the loin areas of your back. They contain tiny filters (glomeruli) consisting of very small blood vessels that filter the blood of toxins that are produced as a result of normal bodily functions. The kidneys balance salts and water levels, produce hormones which control blood pressure, stimulate red blood cell production and help maintain normal bone health. The ureters drain urine which is made in the kidneys into the bladder - see diagram

A Paediatric Nephrologist is a specialist doctor who trained in the field of Paediatric Nephrology.

The Starship Paediatric Nephrology service is multidisciplinary and provides a full range of diagnostic and treatment options for both acute and chronic conditions affecting the kidney.  This includes congenital kidney disorders, hypertension and acquired disorders of the kidney, acute and chronic kidney diseases leading to acute or chronic kidney failure, some of which may require long term dialysis and subsequent kidney transplantation.

 A variety of different tests may be required to help diagnose the cause of a child’s kidney or urinary tract condition. These include:

• Renal Ultrasound scan see Kidshealth for more information
• Micturating Cystourethrogram (MCUG) see Kidshealth for more information
• DMSA nuclear medicine scan  see Kidshealth for more information
• DTPA nuclear medicine scan  see Kidshealth for more information
• Renal Biopsy see Kidshealth for more information


Referral Expectations

General Nephrology Clinic
We see children who have been referred by their GP if they are in the Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) catchment area and children referred by Paediatricians throughout New Zealand.
This clinic is run by a Paediatric Nephrologist and the Renal Registrar (a junior doctor in training)

End Stage Kidney Disease Clinic
This clinic is held for children who have advanced chronic kidney failure, children on long term dialysis and those who have had kidney transplants. These clinics are run by a Paediatric Nephrologist and the Nurse Specialist.

Virtual Multi-disciplinary Meeting
This is a meeting consisting of nephrology, radiology and urology held each fortnight to review urinary tract imaging referred by General Paediatrics from any DHB and General Practitioners in the ADHB catchment.  General Practitioner referrals from outside the ADHB catchment will be re-directed to the patient's DHB of domicile General Paediatric Service.

Referrals must meet referral guidelines available on Starship clinical guidelines website. Patients are not offered a routine clinic appointment however, if a specialised test is recommended, the specialist will usually contact the caregivers directly to explain the reasons for the procedure.

Please note: children with urine incontinence are not managed by the Paediatric Nephrology Service.

General Nephrology Clinic appointments will last 20-45mins depending on the condition of your child. A history of your child’s symptoms will be taken by the clinic doctor. Your child will receive a physical examination and may then require some radiology tests which may include ultrasound scans, nuclear medicine scans, blood and urine tests.


General Nephrology Clinics:

Monday & Wednesday 1.30pm - 4.00pm


End Stage Kidney Disease Clinic:

Monday & Tuesday 9.00am - 11.00am

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