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Labour and Birth Support

Free Births:-

To birth at Birthcare, you will need to choose a midwife who has an access agreement with Birthcare. If you don't have a midwife, we can give you some suggestions.  This service is fully funded by the District Health Board and there is no charge for birthing with us or your postnatal stay.

Labour and birth are the most special experiences a woman has. Before you choose your place to birth, take a look at our birthing rooms and listen to our testamonial videos on our website

Beautifully appointed birthing suites

  • Pools for labour and birth
  • Birthing couches
  • Music of your choice
  • Mood lighting
  • Free single room (subject to availability)

For birthing the way nature intended it to be, take a look at Birthcare birthing suites.

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