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Metro Auckland Cervical Screening Coordination Service

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For Auckland & Waitemata DHBs

8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.


The Metro Auckland Cervical Screening Coordination Service is a collaboration of the three DHBs in the Auckland region.

Getting Screened - information for women

It's completely up to you who takes your screen. You can choose to go to your regular doctor or choose to go to:

Screening Support Services in Auckland

Well Women and Family Trust: website Phone (09) 846 7886

Counties Manukau Health Support to Screening Phone 0800 729729 - option 3

You can request a female screen taker from most services.

Whoever you choose, all screen takers are specially trained to make sure the test is comfortable, and meets your rights as a patient.

The National Screening Unit can help you find someone to take your cervical screen. Give us a call on freephone 0800 729 729.

 Cervical Screening Coordinators

Jane Grant (Auckland & Waitemata DHBS) 

Meena Narang (Counties Manukau Health)

Our mission is to provide support and information for:

  • Consumers
  • Cervical screening workforce
  • Primary Health Organisations
  • General Practices
  • Independent service providers (Counties Manukau Health and Well Women and Family Trust)
  • Other cervical screening stakeholders (e.g. colposcopy services and laboratory services)
  • National Cervical Screening Programme (NCSP)

What we do:

  • Coordinating cervical screening services in metro Auckland
  • Providing free cervical screening updates
  • Supporting the cervical screening workforce
  • Providing advice and answers to questions about cervical screening
  • Supporting Primary Health Organisations and General Practices with data provided by the National Screening Unit
  • Supporting primary care with quality improvement activities
  • Supporting access to and completion of cervical screening training
  • Coordinating regular meetings with Metro Auckland Cervical Screening Operations Group (MACSOP) 

Auckland Regional Cervical Screening Register

Phone 0800729729 or (09) 630 9943 ext 27827

For Consumers Regional Register Services can help with:

  • updating your details
  • cervical screening queries
  • information on alternative cervical screening options in the area
  • a request for your cervical screening history.

Contact your health provider if you have any queries about your test results.

 For Health Services Regional Register Services can help with:

  • updating participant details
  • providing cervical screening histories
  • providing Quality of Smears reports
  • setting up new health professionals or health facilities on the NCSP Register
  • providing assistance with NCSP Register data
  • providing training and ongoing support to NCSP Register users.

  Cervical Screening Training Providers

Family Planning Association


Well Women and Family Trust


Cervical Screening Updates

Both Family Planning and Well Women and Family Trust provide online Cervical Screening updates however there is a cost involved. 

For information about free cervical screening updates contact your DHB coordinator.


National Cervical Screening Programme Information Time to Screen Website

NCSP Health Professionals  NCSP Website

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) information


For Auckland & Waitemata DHBs

8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Mon – Fri8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Procedures / Treatments / Services

  • Cervical Screening

    Cervical Screening is a test to check for changes to the cells of the cervix (entrance to the uterus).… More PDF

  • Colposcopy

    A colposcopy is a detailed examination of the cervix (entrance to the uterus) with a specially lit microscope (colposcope).… More

Services Provided

Screening and prevention

  • Cervical screening

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