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Waitematā DHB Gerontology Nurse Specialist (GNS) Service - Nga Kaitiaki Kaumātua

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About the Service

The Community Gerontology Nurse Specialists (GNS) are part of the multidisciplinary team including district nurses, GPs, and therapists. They provide gerontology nursing assessment, follow-up and care coordination for older adults in the community and residential aged care facilities that are a high risk for multiple hospital admissions due to increased frailty, risk factors and highly complex situations.

The Community Gerontology Nurse Specialist Service is a non- urgent service. All referrals are triaged according to patient risk, with most being assessed within two to three weeks where possible.

Referral Expectations

The patient's permission must be gained. If the patient lacks competence to give consent, the activated EPOA or other legally recognised person needs to be approached for consent.


Referrals are received from:

  • community health professionals and healthcare providers from any organisation that interfaces with older adults (where possible we prefer GP referral as medical background is important)
  • GPs, hospital staff and specialists
  • other Waitematā District Health Board services
  • residential aged care facilitites within the Waitematā District Health Board catchment area.


Entry Criteria:

  • Over 65 years of age and those with age related illness who are under 65 years (following acceptance by team leader to the service).
  • Patients who will significantly benefit from intervention which is designed to keep them well or optimally functional and/or out of hospital.
  • High risk older adults requiring comprehensive gerontologic assessment and care coordination due to multiple co-morbidities and/or high risk of acute episodes requiring hospitalisation due to multiple geriatric frailty factors e.g. depression, dementia, incontinence, falls, nutrition/hydration issues, isolation and lack of caregiver support.
  • Older Adults requiring an assessment for reversibility as part of the process for moving into residential aged care or to a higher level of care.


Telephone the one point of entry for information and advice:
Phone: (09) 486 8945 ext 43222 (8.00am - 4.30pm; Monday to Friday)
Email: (for referrals)

Click on the link to find information about the Residential Aged Care Integration Programme (RACIP).


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