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The Oncology and Haematology Services provides specialist inpatient and outpatient services to Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology and Haematology patients.
Services are provided to a large rural area. Treatment services include Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy.
The service is linked closely with services in Invercargill, Balclutha, Ōamaru and Clyde and also has collaborative relationships with the other six regional cancer centres in New Zealand.
The service is able to assist out-of-town patients with travel and accommodation plans and runs an accommodation facility (Padget House) for out-of-town patients having radiotherapy. Padget House is located in the grounds of Wakari Hospital.

Procedures / Treatments

  • Making the Diagnosis

    Cancer is diagnosed with a number of tests but usually a biopsy is needed.  This is where a sample of the lesion/growth is sent to the laboratory to be examined under the microscope.  This can tell the doctors exactly what type of cancer is present and guides them to what… More

  • Surgical Treatment

    Surgery is the oldest form of treatment for cancer. Surgery offers the greatest chance for cure for many types of cancer, especially those cancers that have not yet spread to other parts of the body.… More

  • Radiotherapy

    Radiation therapy uses special equipment to deliver high doses of radiation (beam of x-rays) to cancerous tumours, to kill or damage them so they cannot grow or spread.   Normal cells may be affected by radiation, but most appear to recover fully from the effects of the treatment.… More

  • Chemotherapy

    Chemotherapy is the use of medicines to kill or reduce the spread of cancer cells.  Chemotherapy is given as cycles and may be given once a day, once a week or even once a month.… More

  • Alternative Treatments

    It is very common for people with cancer to want to try other non-medical treatments such as diet or alternative/complementary medicines offered by other practitioners.  It is helpful for your oncology team to know what other therapies you might be taking as sometimes there can be interactions with their treatment. More

Contact Details

Dunedin Hospital

Dunedin - South Otago

Inpatient area: Ward 8c  
Outpatient Clinic: Ground Floor, Oncology Building (Cumberland Street) 
Medical Day Unit: 1st Floor, Oncology Building (Cumberland Street)  

201 Great King St

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201 Great King St

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Private Bag 1921
Dunedin 9054

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