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The Orthopaedic Service provides specialist acute and elective surgery for musculoskeletal problems. The acute work from within the Otago area covers recreation related trauma, road accidents, bone and joint infections and fractures associated with osteoporosis and the aging population. Within the elective workload the service provides a full range of hip, knee, foot and ankle and shoulder surgery, paediatric, spinal, hand and arthroscopic surgery.

Scoliosis surgery is undertaken at Dunedin Hospital as a tertiary service with patients coming from all the DHBs within the South Island.
Inpatient Area - Ward 3B (Acute Orthopaedics) and Ward 3C (Elective Orthopaedics) 3rd floor, Main Hospital
Outpatient Clinic - 3rd floor, Main Hospital
Pre-admission Clinic - 3rd floor, Main Hospital
Fracture Clinic - Ground Floor, Main Hospital (Cumberland St entrance)


Note: Please note below that some people are not available at all locations.

Procedures / Treatments

  • Fracture Clinics

    These clinics are run by most orthopaedic departments for patients that have sustained an injury that has already been treated and further follow-up of that injury is required, to monitor progress of a healing bone, check the position of the bone in a cast and to decide when other steps… More

  • General Outpatient Clinics

    These are clinics for patients that have been referred by their doctor for an orthopaedic opinion on a specific concern.… More

  • Specialty Clinics

    Clinics for specific parts of the body or specific conditions.… More

  • Joint Replacement

    For elderly patients joint replacement surgery is commonly required to treat damaged joints from wearing out, arthritis or other forms of joint disease including rheumatoid arthritis.… More

  • Osteotomy

    The division of a crooked or bent bone to improve alignment of the limb.… More

  • Arthroscopy (keyhole surgery)

    Over the last 30 years a large number of orthopaedic procedures on joints have been performed using an arthroscope, where a fiber optic telescope is used to look inside the joint.… More

  • Soft tissue (muscles, tendons and ligaments)

    In many cases tendons will be lengthened to improve the muscle balance around a joint or tendons will be transferred to give overall better joint function.… More

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Dunstan Hospital, Clyde

Central Lakes

Outpatients: Ph (03) 440 4301; Fax (03) 440 4311 

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