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Manukau SuperClinic Volunteers

The group of volunteers at the Manukau SuperClinic and Surgery Centre has been operational for the past 16 years. They are an integral part of our team and work in a number of different areas.

The group that undertake mail room duties are responsible for collecting and delivering mail for all locations within the site.  There are also approximately 10,500 letters that are generated weekly to patients who have an appointment at MSC which they help to insert into envelopes ready for mail delivery.

There are also two courtesy coaches that follow predetermined routes. These are driven by volunteer drivers and this service helps patients who do not have any other transport.

There are two meet and greet roles located at the front desk of both the Manukau SuperClinic and Surgery Centre. These volunteers are the face of both entrances and are always ready to give a helping hand, give directions, or offer a cup of tea or coffee to patients who are waiting for their appointments.

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