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Rainbow Volunteers at Middlemore Hospital

Middlemore Hospital’s RAINBOW Volunteers

Winners of the 2016 Minister of Health Volunteer Awards "Health Care Provider Service Volunteers team”

Middlemore Hospital Rainbow Volunteers was launched in June 2015. With the creation of a brand and identity and an expanded scope of activity, the volunteers at Middlemore Hospital will now be providing much more than a way finding service.

In partnership with services across the hospital, volunteers at Middlemore Hospital are now being strategically placed to help enhance our patient experience.  The success of our programme has been acknowledged when our team was awarded the Winners of the 2016 Minister of Health Volunteer Awards "Health Care Provider Service Volunteers team”.  This award was made possible by the ongoing dedication and support of our volunteers from our community.

There are multiple steps in the patient journey into the hospital and back to the community, where patient care can be enhanced by additional support. Volunteers can provide this support, assistance and guidance, allowing clinical staff to concentrate on the clinical aspect of care.

Some of the things volunteers are doing:

  • helping at meal times on the wards
  • reading to patients, playing card games or just chatting to/visiting them
  • taking patients for a walk and helping them get mobile
  • helping with hand hygiene
  • Reception /way finding
  • admin support and helping with patient surveys
  • helping at Kidz First Children’s Hospital.

The volunteer workforce is also seen as a future talent pipeline, for ultimate permanent employment from the community into our organisation, where appropriate, thus contributing to the organisation's Workforce strategy.

If you’re interested email our volunteer coordinator, Priti Naidu (), who will explain the process, which includes a police screening. 

Click here for the volunteer recruitment process.

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